Terms of service


  1. (Scope of application)

This agreement applies to customers who purchase FATUITE products using the online shopping site (hereinafter referred to as "Our online shop") provided by FATUITE Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as "Our company"). If you order our products using Our online shop, Our compoany understands you agree to comply with these Terms.


  2.Suspension, Stop of the service

Our company reserves the right to change, add, or abolish all or part of Our company's online shop and other services without prior notice or consent to the customer.

In order to maintain good operating conditions of Our online shop, or for other reasons, Our company may suspend or stop Our online shop or other services for maintenance and inspection without prior notice or consent from members.

Our company shall not be held responsible for any disadvantage or damage caused by being unable to use Our online shop or other services under this article.



Customers shall not do any of the following:

  1. Use of Our online shop that deviates from normal use
  2. Orders based on false information, orders by a person pretending to be someone else, or acts of cooperating with them
  3. Acts that infringe trademark rights, copyrights, privacy or other rights, or acts that are likely to do so
  4. Orders based on false information, orders by a person pretending to be someone else, or acts of cooperating with them
  5. Resale of Our company's products, such as sales on auction sites, preparation for such, or orders and sample applications for other profit purposes
  6. Unauthorized use of credit card
  7. Unauthorized use of personal information of others
  8. Other acts that Our company deems inappropriate

  •     4.(Regarding transaction restrictions, etc.)

  • If Our customer falls under any of the following, Our company may restrict, refuse, or suspend the transaction, deprive the customer of the stage, points, or other benefits, or terminate or cancel the contract.

    In addition, if Our company determines that there is a possibility that any of the following may apply, Our company may postpone the shipment of the product. Our company shall not be liable for any damages caused by Our company taking the measures in this section.

    1. When an act corresponding to the prohibited act of No. 3 is performed or when an order in violation of this is made
    2. If Our company cannot confirm payment by credit card
    3. When a person under the age of 18 places an order without parental consent
    4. If Our company is unable to contact you by phone, fax, email, or other means of communication notified by you at the time of order
    5. If you do not respond to inquiries from Our company regarding orders
    6. If Our company determines that the order or application for samples is for the purpose of reselling Our company's products, or selling them on an auction site., preparing for such, or for other profit-making purposes.
    7. If the order exceeds the quantity normally used by the end user and the reason is not clear
    8. In the case of overseas delivery, if the destination is an area restricted by Our company
    9. If Our company determines that normal transactions are difficult due to repeated returns or exchanges that are not liable to Our company.
    10. If you violate these Terms
    11. In addition, when Our company determines that it is inappropriate to continue the transaction.
    2.    5.(Regarding returns and exchanges)

    3. Unless otherwise specified, in principle, Our company will not accept cancellations of orders after the order has been confirmed, exchanges or returns of products after delivery due to customer's convenience. However, in the following cases, Our company will accept returns and exchanges only if you contact Our company within 5 days of receiving the product. In this case, Our company will bear the shipping fee for returning the product.

      1. in case actual received product is different from ordered
      2. If the product is defective at the time of delivery

         6.(Regarding resale, sales on auction sites, etc.)

      Our company refuses order for resale of Our company's products, listing and selling on auction sites, or preparation for such, and purchase of products for other profit-making purposes.

      Please note that Our company is not responsible for the products you purchased other than Our online shop, such as auction site.


         7.(Copyright, etc.)

      Customers may not use Our company's copyrighted works or intellectual property rights that Our company has been granted the right to use by a third party without Our company's consent.

      Regarding opinions, information, etc. sent to Our company by customers, Our company assume that all rights such as copyrights have been transferred to Our company, and Our company may publish them in publications, etc.


        8.Handling of personal information)

      Our company shall handle the personal information of customers (hereinafter referred to as "personal information") appropriately based on the "Privacy Policy".


         9.(Changes to Terms)

      Our company reserve the right to change these Terms at Our company's discretion.

      When changing these Terms, Our company will post on its website the fact that the Terms will be changed, the content of the changed Terms and its effective date by the effective date of the changed Terms. .

      If the customer uses the service after the effective date of the revised Terms, it shall be deemed that the customer has agreed to the revised Terms.


         10.(Governing Law)

      Japanese law shall apply to the formation, effectiveness, performance and interpretation of this agreement.


         11.(Discussion Matters, Agreed Jurisdiction)

      If a dispute arises between the customer and Our company, both parties shall negotiate in good faith and resolve it. If the matter cannot be resolved through consultation, the Tokyo District Court shall be the exclusive jurisdictional court, and procedures for dispute resolution shall be taken.